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my experences being a lil sensitive

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 11:45 am    Post subject: my experences being a lil sensitive Reply with quote

I have never had what you say a full psycic abilities. But from time to time I have had some happenings were I would get a very bad feeling of something that was about to happen. 3yr ago when my bro and I was planting some bushes for one of my customers, I kept getting this feeling like something bad was going to happen like a voice was trying to tell me something. It kept on like it was telling me to stop what I was doing, I felt like I was acking crazy or something but it wouldnt stop. Well after about a few hrs of digging I was close to the houses foundation area and all of a sudden my shovel cut a gas line. It wasnt the main line it was a line for their hot tube and was only buired 6 inches down not 2 ft like is supposed to be for code. Gas started pooring out of it and I had to rush to grab some duck tape to plug it quik too. If the whole neighborhood would have found out they would have called the county to shut down the whole subbdivision. Well we was able to shut it off fast and had a guy come and fix it so it turned out ok. But it scared the crap out of my brother and I.

Another instance was very recently about 4 weeks ago my buddies and I went night fishing. At one moment I was watching my other brother Mickey and I started getting these images of him getting stabed or getting very seriuosly hurt, and it made me feel very scared to think that he could get hurt or something. I brushed it off donkey being just nothing and just forgot about it. Then 2 weeks later Mickey was in a very bad car wreck and was very close to getting seriuosly killed. He was hauling some firewood for or close freind at the time and was driving down this road then all of a sudden this dumb lady came all the way over into his lane forcing Mic all the way off the side of the road and she still hit him head on in his truck. It slung him towards the windsheld but his air bags and set belt worked and saved his life. It totaled his nice truck and made me so mad this women wasnt even looking where she was going cause she was reaching down on the floor to grab something and didnt admit what she was doing and even said her tire was the fault but mickey could see that she was looking down at her floor board when they hit. Evil or Very Mad Thank god he had his set belt on. Surprised

I have allways had bad feelings like this it used to be even worse when I was younger but I never understood what they was about until only about 5 yrs ago when I started getting serious about the paranormal it all started making since, and other people Ive talked with have the same thing happen too sometimes. I just wished I knew what causes us to get bad feelings like this and if its maybe our gardian angel watching out for us or what. One thing that I have noticed too is that I never had this ability as you can say, only until a lil while after I lost my best friend Franky to a heart attack back in the early 90s. So maybe its him that is watching out for me and he sometimes trys to tell me things.

I would love to hear any other stories from anybody eles on here. So feel free to leave a comment Id like to find out more possiblities. lol
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Investigator in training
Investigator in training

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 9:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Scott,

I think our guardian angels warn us of danger like that. I posted under the Angels section but I have had experiences with voices warning me and uneasy feelings too.

I think it's very possible your friend is watching over you.
"Is all that we see or seem
but a dream within a dream?"
---Edgar Allan Poe

"This house is clear." ---Tangina in Poltergeist

"I have exorcised the demons!" ---Jim Carey as Ace Ventura
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